What is MAP Team?

MAP is short for “making a plan”. The MAP Team is made up of individuals from local community agencies that work with children and youth. The first priority of the MAP Team is to review cases concerning children and youth (ages 5– 21) who have a serious emotional/behavioral disorder or serious mental illness and who are at risk for an inappropriate placement due to the lack of access to or availability of needed services and supports in the community.

What is the Goal of the MAP Team?

The goal of the MAP Team is to divert children and youth from inappropriate out of home placement.

What is the primary task of the MAP Team?

  • To identify community-based services that may divert children and youth from inappropriate 24 hour institutional placement.

  • To facilitate the provision and coordination of services across agencies for the target population.

  • To facilitate continuity of care and support for children/youth with serious emotional disorders and their families.

What happens when a referral is made?

Upon completion of a referral form, It is decided if the referral can be served by the MAP Team. If it can, the case is presented at the next meeting for review by the team. The children/youth and their families may also attend the MAP Team meeting. It is at this time community resources are addressed and recommendations are made to divert out of home placement.


YES!  All members have signed a confidentiality agreement form. The only people given any information will be the ones who have received written consent.

The MAP Team meets once a month to review cases. If you would like to make a referral, please contact Taylor Beard (662-727-4075) a minimum of one week prior to scheduled meeting date.