Levels of Service

  • Outreach services

  • Outpatient services

  • Recovery Support services

  • Peer Support services

  • Assessment services

  • DUI Assessment services

  • Prevention services

  • Family services

  • Co-Occurring services

  • Primary Residential services

  • Transitional Residential services

Who We Are

Established as the Harbor House in 1971, Lifecore Health Group – Addiction Services has developed an outstanding reputation for providing comprehensive, effective, and cost-efficient approaches to addressing issues relating to substance use, abuse, and dependence.


At Lifecore Health Group – Addiction Services, we believe substance abuse is a self-destructive behavior which often leads to substance dependence, otherwise known as addiction. We believe intervention in the earliest stage of substance use is the best prevention tool used to interrupt the process of becoming an addict. We firmly believe all substance use disorders are treatable and treatment works.

We feel that by offering a wide range of services, we are more able to address the needs of individuals, their loved ones, and our community as a whole. We also feel it is important to make every effort to provide appropriate and affordable community-based services in a healthy and supportive environment.



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Our mission at Lifecore Health Group – Addiction Services is to provide Community-Based Alcohol/Drug Prevention and Treatment Services while supporting the efforts of those who are working to make positive change in their lives.