Peer Support Specialist

The primary purpose and responsibility of Peer Specialists is to help service recipients understand recovery and achieve their own recovery needs, wants, and goals.  Lifecore Peer Support Specialists offer a unique and important role in the Mental Health Recovery Process.  They are professionals and work from a person-centered, strength-based perspective and embody the belief that recovery is possible.  Peer Support specialists provide the uniquely targeted insight into certain aspects of mental health that only someone who has “been there” can formulate and convey.


The Peer Bridger offers support and assistance with the transition from North Mississippi State Hospital discharge back into the community and back to services with LIFECORE.  This may also include housing assistance and other resources needed for transition back into the community.

Working Conditions

  • Ability to be tolerant of deficient home environments or individuals with deficient hygiene
  • Ability to assess safety and/or unsafe environments


Physical Requirements

  • Ability to assist individuals with mild physical disabilities when/if necessary.


Positions Supervised

  • None

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•   Provide an atmosphere of recovery that is “more real.”
•   Provide services on an individual or group basis and in various environments which may include Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Chemical Dependency Services, individual’s home, social environments, and other environments deemed pertinent to the service delivery.
•   Provide Interventions that are person-centered, strength based, and recovery oriented.
•   Other duties as assigned.

  • Department of Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Certification
  • WRAP Training
  • Positive Outcome Measures Training (When available)
  • Meet requirements for continuation of certification.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to establish professional relationships with clients and staff
Job Benefits
  • 12 Hours of Personal Leave per Month
  • 8 Hours of Sick Leave per Month
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • PERS Retirement
  • Ten Paid Holidays
  • Voluntary Supplemental Policies
  • ETC.

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Position: Peer Support Specialist

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Health Care
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September 25, 2018
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