Community Support Specialist - PACT

The purpose of Program of Assertive Community Treatment Case Manager is to provide assertive community treatment to consumers to avoid inpatient level of care or to assist with transition from hospital to community. Serve as part of the inter-disciplinary team to meet contractual performance indicators with DMH for this evidence based practice. Collaborate with the ACT team to meet fidelity of the NAMI PACT model. Case Managers provide case management for consumers including but not limited to: assistance with personal hygiene, grocery shopping, food preparation, finding and maintaining safe and affordable housing, adequate financial support, budgeting, accessing reliable transportation, support and observation of medication regimen, and linking with medical providers. Provides individual and group supportive rehabilitation services to assist in vocational rehabilitation, structuring of time, executing activities of daily living, and improving social and interpersonal functioning. Advocate with prospective or existing employers in the community to support consumer employment. Participates as a member of a daily organization staffing for the purpose of clinical consultation, utilization review, documentation verification and an exchange of information regarding consumers. Performs shift management and provides on-call crisis intervention covering nighttime and weekend hours. Maintains all clinical records timely and appropriately, as required by agency and program policies, funding sources and accreditation authorities.  Completes all required forms and maintains in a manner consistent with PACT requirements. Meet or exceeds the direct service productivity standard as established and reviewed by the PACT Coordinator. Performs other duties as required and/or assigned by the PACT Coordinator in accordance with DMH and LIFECORE.



 AGE SPECIFIC CARE COMPETENCIES                                           

          Demonstrates knowledge of diagnosis, signs and symptoms of relapse, 

and medication information.

          Demonstrates knowledge of community resources to explore all alternatives to hospitalization.


2.      ABILITY TO DEVELOP INDIVIDUAL                                                                    

SERVICE PLAN WITH EACH CONSUMER                                        

          Accurately develops service plans as specified by medical records guidelines

 & LIFECORE policies and procedures.

          Develops service plans in conjunction with individual treatment plan for consumer.


3.      ABILITY TO DOCUMENT THE THERAPEUTIC PROCESS                                    


          Ability to complete needed updates on treatment plans, service plans, applications,

      And eligibility checklist per guidelines outlined by DMH and LIFECORE

          Ability to provide written record of  consumer’s progress through the therapeutic process

      Of written progress notes.

          Ability to meet DMH and LIFECORE policy requirements for other documentation and

medical records chart management.          

          DOCUMENTATION AUDIT OF 100% and



4.      ABILITY TO MAINTAIN ETHICAL BEHAVIOR                                                   

 IN RELATIONSHIP TO CONSUMER.                                                  

          Demonstrates ability to identify ethical issues as they arise in therapy and present          

       these issues to supervisor and/or clinical staffing for guidance.

          Follows establish LIFECORE guidelines in presenting ethical issues.       


5.      ABILITY TO PROVIDE COURTESY CUSTOMER                                                   

SERVICE TO STAFF AND CONSUMERS.                                           

     Demonstrates courtesy and compassion in all aspects of their job responsibility.             

     Gives personal touch by smiling, using friendly phrases, and treating every        

consumer, co-workers, and supervisor as an individual taking into consideration

heir age and cultural and religious beliefs.

          Responds to consumer, co-worker and supervisor requests with helpfulness by answering         

       or finding out answers to questions.

          Listens, without defensiveness, to consumer, co-worker, & supervisor concerns by

acknowledging the concern and actively responding.


6.      ABILITY TO WORK EFFICIENTLY & AS A TEAM MEMBER                                


      Demonstrates ability to participate in other tasks to meet the needs of the organization. 

      Demonstrates ability to report to work as scheduled. (Promptness)                     

      Attends, participates & contributes in education/ training activities & staff meetings.

     Demonstrates ability to be supportive of therapeutic milieu by consulting with treatment

        team members on frequent and regular basis.


7.      ABILITY TO FOLLOW COMPANY GUIDELINES                                                   


          Ability to perform behaviors related to staff, consumer and environmental safety. 

                   Adheres to safety guidelines.

                     Ability to maintain confidentiality and privacy of consumers.            

                      Ability to maintain a professional image by appearing well-groomed, maintaining

                     personal hygiene, abiding by dress code, wearing ID badge.

                     Ability to maintain an orderly and neat work environment

                     Demonstration of ability to submit clinical & administrative documentation within

                     timeline required by LIFECORE policies & procedures.

                     Ability to complete needed updates on treatment plans, service plans, applications, and

                    eligibility checklist per guidelines outlined by the Department of Mental Health and Lifecore                     Ability to provide written record of consumer’s progress through the therapeutic process

       of written progress notes.

           Ability to meet DMH, DOM, HSM, and LIFECORE policy requirements for other         

        documentation and medical records chart management.

           Ability to communicate appropriately with outside referrals regarding consumer participation

        and progress in therapy.

            Maintains certification as required by DMH & LIFECORE policies & procedures.





9.     Displays the ability to meet the requirements of all individuals enrolled in PACT across all areas of treatment.


10.  Working Conditions

          Reliable Transportation

          Ability to be tolerant of deficient home environments or individuals with deficient hygiene

          Ability to assess safety and/or unsafe environments

          Valid Driver’s License

          Valid Car Insurance


All other duties as assigned by the Team Leader/Supervisor



Bachelor’s degree in behavioral healthcare required.  DMH Case Management Certification required within 90 days of hire date. Valid MS driver’s license and clean driving record required.


Work Experience:       

Experience in behavioral healthcare required. 



Efficient use of time management and energy by keeping thoughts free of

obstruction in an effort to diffuse issues and needs of consumers.  Must have the

ability to think independently to determine direction of workflow.  Must have the

ability to perform repetitive tasks, cooperate with others, follow directions and

demonstrate leadership initiative in providing services. Independent work ability.



Mobility and ability to bend and reach during a work day; ability to lift a maximum of 10 pounds; visual and auditory acuity sufficient to evaluate consumer needs and maintain accurate records; fine motor skills for legible and accurate writing of reports, scheduling, daily correspondence and

presentation, either manually or orally.  Position requires ability to sit for duration of several hours at a time and ability and mobility to access clients through home and community visits.

Job Benefits
  • 12 Hours of Personal Leave per Month
  • 8 Hours of Sick Leave per Month
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • PERS Retirement
  • Ten Paid Holidays
  • Voluntary Supplemental Policies
  • ETC.

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